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The First Time

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We Build Sustainable Web Apps


Over 6,000 successful web application attacks in 2016

571 confirmed data breaches

94% associated with organized crime

Most were preventable

Source: Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

We’ve seen code in production with vulnerabilities that are part of Web Security 101. The Top 10 Web Application Security Risks can be easily fixed by following good coding guidelines

Our top priority is making web apps secure. We’ll get you profit, speed, and good looks, but not by sacrificing security.

We can also review your existing code and setup to determine where security vulnerabilities exist.


When Amazon made their pages 0.1 seconds slower, it had a huge impact on their sales, and for Google, increasing page load times by half a second reduced their traffic by 20%. A poorly build web app costs more to support and drives away potential customers.

Our development environment is set up to let us track down exactly what is causing slowness in a web app. We’ve decreased page load times by 25% with a few minor changes.

  User Experience and Planning

Too many web development projects go over budget because no one understood how big they were, and many web apps are hard to use once they’re done.

We’ll make sure your app is clearly defined before we start so we can provide an accurate price. With every quote, we provide a clear definition of the project. We can also create interactive wireframes that let you try out the app before it’s built.


If a web app is built right, it makes changes easier and helps prevent bugs.

We build web apps with maintainable architecture. Each project is different, and we’ll find the right setup for your web app.

Current web app isn’t working well? We’ll figure out how to make it right with minimal disruption to your users.

  Systems Management

AWS, Shared Host, Rackspace, something else — We can handle it all

We have experience managing and deploying web apps and setting up the infrastructure to run them. If it’s already set up on your account, but you don’t have the passwords, we can help you get access. And, we may even be able to do it without you needing to tell your previous developer.