Don’t Hire a Web Developer on Upwork

Yes, you can hire us on Upwork, but don’t! You can find plenty of Laravel Web Developers on Upwork, but you’re probably better off finding them somewhere else.

Here’s why:

  • Anyone you identify or contact through Upwork is bound by Upwork’s non-circumvention policy and can only work through the Upwork platform for two years. This means no flexibility in payment methods.
  • As of June 26, 2020, anyone you contact through Upwork is not allowed to communicate with you outside of Upwork until you start a contract. This means no phone calls or Zoom screen shares. Also, no sharing of GitHub or Google Drive usernames and no NDAs with any real contact information.
  • Upwork charges a fee to both the client and the freelancer for all payments. This can range from 5-23%. Most high-demand freelancers will compensate for this fee by charging you extra, meaning you’ll save money if you don’t use Upwork. But remember, you must make that choice before you start using Upwork – once you identify someone through Upwork, you’re locked in for 2 years.

So, what should you do instead?

  • Use Google to search for a web developer.
  • Use LinkedIn or other social resources to ask about others’ experience with web developers.
  • Once you’ve found a developer, check their profiles on Upwork if they have them. As long as you didn’t find them through Upwork and don’t initiate contact through Upwork, you’re free to contact them directly outside of Upwork.

Need help with your project? We’re here to help, but let’s not work through Upwork.